December Update

OK, dear readers–Here’s the update for the first 2 weeks of December.  To be honest, the first week did not go as planned:


At the end of November, I went for a checkup with my doctor.  Blood tests revealed a vitamin D deficiency for which the doctor recommended that, in addition to my regular multivitamin, I take a vitamin D supplement.  I purchased this from Amazon.  A consumable and health-related.  So far, so good.

I purchased a 2018 planner as a backup to my digital calendar.  I’m kind of old school like that and have always maintained a handwritten journal/planner.  I really liked this one in particular, as it has space for goal planning and to-do lists.  (I guess this is sort of consumable, as it will be thrown out at the end of 2018???)

Upon noticing that a pair of our sheets had developed multiple small holes, I took advantage of a sale to buy a set of sheets from Macy’s.  It has been quite some time since we’ve bought new sheets, so all 3 sets will probably need to be replaced before too long.  Not consumable, but necessary.  This is where I start to go a little off the rails.

I was browsing sales online (which I should really stop doing as a form of “entertainment”), when I saw a gift that would be perfect for a friend who is getting married next month.  I won’t reveal any more detail than that, as it’s possible she may read this, but I’ll just say once again that it’s the PERFECT wedding gift for her.  Unfortunately, on the same website, I also saw a designer handbag that would be perfect for ME.  I have absolutely no right to buy a new purse at this point, but I justified it to myself that it would be my early Christmas present to myself, and besides, it was such a good deal!  For the record, these are bad reasons to have bought it and I probably shouldn’t have.  I was so disappointed with myself that I deleted all of the shopping apps (including my favorite, Rue La La), from my phone.  FINALLY.

My massage membership payment came due–I forgot I hadn’t gotten around to cancelling it yet.

My car became due for an oil change, so I had to take care of that, plus the mechanics suggested a brake flush.  My car is close to 100,000 miles now, so I thought it would be best to take the mechanic’s suggestion.  A necessary service to ensure my car’s longevity.

The car’s service being pricier than what I thought (along with receiving my husband’s final paycheck) was the wake-up call I needed.  Since December 7, the only money we have spent other than bills has been on gasoline for the cars and groceries.


Total amount I saved that I would have spent this week: $0 (Yeah, I bought PLENTY though)

Running Total: $4,705



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