Weekly Update: Week 29


This week, we went out with a small group of friends for dinner for an impromptu birthday celebration, which was lovely!  My husband and I both went for a massage.  (Deep tissue, yes please!  I have told you all how much I need it!)  As with most weeks, we also bought groceries and gasoline.  I also used my Ulta birthday coupons to buy some much-needed hairspray.  A friend who shares my birthday “donated” her birthday to charity, so I donated $5 to Puerto Rico relief in honor of her birthday.

We went to the joint birthday of our nephew and a good friend’s daughter, so we skipped the cards (kids don’t care anyways), and bought the kids gifts.  As a childfree couple with no idea what the kids are into these days, we did our best to pick out stuff we thought they’d like.


1. Brooks Brothers Cardigan.  I went back and forth on this one, since I have been looking for a gray cardigan.  I have a black one that goes with most things, but I was thinking I need a gray one to go with everything else.  Especially now that the weather is (relatively) cooling down, this was a particularly tempting purchase.Brooks Brothers gray sweater

2. Layfayette 148 Silk top.  This plain top would look great with a suit.

Silk shirt

3. Tahari ASL pink top.  This would be perfect with a pencil skirt and cardigan.

Tahari shirt

Total amount I saved that I would have spent this week: $185

Running Total: $4,705


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