Weekly Update: Week 28


We went and visited my parents to finish up our vacation/staycation.  I always love spending time with my parents.  While we were in that area, we also had lunch with my oldest friend (who I’ve known since 3rd grade) and her husband.  It was lovely.

This week is not only my 30th 2nd annual 29th birthday, it is also our wedding anniversary. (I call it my “birthiversary” week.)  Such a momentous occasion as my 30th birthday had to be marked with some sort of gift.  (I know, I know, I know.)  After my recent thoughts about watches, I started to do some research. Like the author of the Corporette article that sparked my interest in luxury watches, I thought it would be nice to treat myself for my 30th.

This watch is the first watch I have ever had with automatic movement rather than quartz.  Watches with automatic movement will last much longer than quartz with the proper maintenance.  This watch is certainly a piece worth investing in.


I chose a classic, timeless watch with a mother of pearl face that is not full of complications (fancy features like a stopwatch, compass, etc.)  It’s a watch that would look good for any occasion.  It wouldn’t look out of place with jeans, a suit, or a dress.(Seriously not getting paid for this endorsement, but if Frederique Constant wants to change that, please see my contact section, lol).

Unlike a Cartier or other brand, this Frederique Constant watch wouldn’t catch most people’s attention as a “luxury” watch.  Only the occasional “w-i-s” (or “watch idiot savant,” as watch people affectionately call themselves in online forums) might notice the otherwise nondescript watch.  There are no diamonds or gold. There is nothing particularly flashy about it.  It is just quality, pure and simple. These are all positives in my book, as my goal was to buy a quality watch, not for people to look at me and think “holy shit, she has a Cartier watch! She must be loaded!” (Or, more accurately, “holy shit, she has a Cartier watch!  Let’s rob her!”)  Most people don’t notice watches anyway.

This is one of the most expensive purchases I have ever made and, despite that, I did not experience any anxiety shelling out that kind of cash because I did extensive research and felt confident in the purchase.

Full disclosure: when I shopped with my now-husband for my engagement ring, I had a full-on, genuine anxiety attack in the parking lot at the thought of shelling out that amount of money on a single, fairly frivolous, item.  While I love it, I did not really do much research on the purchase. (My husband had to educate me on the four C’s and steered me away from a less expensive, but noticeably worse quality diamond, for which I am forever grateful.)

For an item that has been so oft-discussed on this blog, I realized I haven’t posted any pictures of my engagement ring. Well, here it is with my new watch and the diamond wedding band I wear it with.



Well, during the year of buying nothing, I made one of the most expensive purchases I have ever made.  So, there’s that…Many of you may disagree with my decisions to go on vacation and buy a luxury watch while I still owe on my student loans. I totally understand that perspective (and mostly agree with it, too!) but at a certain point, I have to live my life.  I do not live a particularly indulgent life, so I do not begrudge myself the occasional luxury.


Total amount I saved that I would have spent this week: $0

Running Total: $4,520


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