Weekly Update: Week 16

I did a fair amount of decluttering this weekend and ended up donating another 2 bags of clothes and quite a few pairs of shoes.  Now, my suits fit into the main closet and only a few of my sweaters and other seasonal clothing remain in the hall closet.  I also cleaned out the fridge. While I didn’t minimize much from there, I reorganized after removing the contents and cleaning the interior.


Consistent with my promise to myself to find more balance in my minimalist journey, we had a fun weekend.  We went out for fondue with friends on Friday and on Sunday, we got free tickets to the comedy club with a group of friends, which was really fun.  We spent money on dinner and drinks out at the comedy club.  I also bought a CD, which the comedian signed, for my collection.  I don’t buy one every time I go, and I haven’t at least the last 2-3 times I’ve gone that I can recall.  Supporting art and artists is something I value.  When we get free tickets to the comedy club and the comedian is particularly funny, I try to buy a CD or DVD from them when I can, as we did not support them through ticket sales.

We also did a BJs trip to stock up on some things.

Making health a priority, I also reordered an expensive supplement I take to reduce pain and inflammation.


  1.  Larimar tumbled stone.  One of the few crystals/stones I don’t have that I want is larimar.  You probably know as well as I do that I do not need any crystals. While I could squeeze another crystal into the bowl by my bed that filled with small tumbled stones, the $30 or so would be much better spent on…well…almost anything else, to be honest.


2. Saddleback bundle.  Saddleback is offering limited edition bundles.  I had unsubscribed from the emails, but someone in the Facebook group posted a screenshot of the email from Saddleback that describes their limited edition bundles they are coming out with later in the week.  I have been looking for an overnight bag/duffel bag to replace my old one and I have had my eye on a notepad holder as well.  This bundle includes all that, plus a luggage tag!!!  It will be really really hard for me not to buy it when it comes out later today.


3.  Marlondo Leather Wallet.  Another person in the Facebook group posted about a huge sale at Marlondo leather.  I have been talking myself out of replacing my fairly new (less than 2 years old) Kate Spade wallet for awhile.  This awesome, high quality leather wallet was deeply discounted.Marlondo wallet

All of these things were really hard to pass up. They feel particularly well thought-out to me. However, I remember the recent, expensive car repairs I had to do.  (I still haven’t brought my car back for them to diagnose the leaks, which will probably result in a fee for the diagnosis, plus potentially more repairs).  I signed up for a massage membership recently as well for pain relief, resulting in an additional $50/month bill; reordered the expensive health supplement; not to mention my hefty monthly student loan bills and upcoming vacation. All of these take precedence over this “stuff” I saw that I wanted. I can’t have everything I want, but I am privileged enough to have everything I need and quite a lot of what I want. It makes it so much easier to say no when I know what I’m saying yes to instead!

Total amount I saved that I would have spent this week: $653

Running Total: $1893


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