Weekly Update: Week 12

I realized this week that, other than the large fake bouquet that used to sit near the front door (and the derby hat I was reminded of when friends came over to watch the Kentucky Derby), I can’t think of too many specific items out of the approximately 6 carloads of items I have donated in the last 4-6 months.  I don’t really miss any of it, much to my surprise.  (I’ll be honest, I thought I’d have a few moments of “I wish I would have kept that.”)  To paraphrase something The Minimalists often say, “Simple isn’t easy.”

Last weekend when I visited my parents, part of that visit included visiting with close family friends from England.  Both my mom’s best friend’s daughter and the daughter’s best friend are around my age.  The daughter is married and her best friend is recently engaged.  Both are young professional women, like me.  I hesitate to mention it, but curiosity got the best of me.  I took particular note of their rings and (based on this totally unscientific, anecdotal evidence) noticed that the statistics are true–Americans on average have larger diamonds than people from other countries. Their rings were lovely: both had a similar size to mine, maybe even the slightest bit larger than my 1/2 carat, but certainly not the flashy, austentatious 1+ carat that has become almost expected in American middle class circles, especially for young professional women like us.  Americans tend to forget that there are 3 other “C’s.”  I enjoyed the elegant, understated look.

I also finally decided to use the credit card rewards points I have accumulated towards a Spa Week gift card, redeemable at the massage place near me which recently emailed me a 15% off coupon.  Double-win.


I used the Groupon and got my hair cut this week.  After a few hearings in the morning, I had an afternoon off and went out to lunch (a salad at Panera Bread) and walked around the shops in the area near where my hair appointment was going to be.  I have drastically cut down on my shopping-as-entertainment excursions, and I mostly walked down the street, but occasionally went into an air conditioned shop to cool down.  So, besides lunch out, I did spend money to give the stylist a tip.

OK, while it’s technically against the rules of my year of buying nothing, I purchased a stand/pedestal for the crystal sphere my Mom gifted me last week.  Normally, I wouldn’t make such a purchase, but because the crystal is perfectly round, my only other options would be to 1) not accept it from my mom; 2) sell it or otherwise pass it on after accepting it; or 3) put it in a drawer or other container somewhere hidden where it wouldn’t be able to roll around like it would displayed on my desk without a display stand.  To put this gift, which I enjoy, to its highest and best use (a very minimalist thing to do, if I do say so myself) a pedestal is necessary and unavoidable.  It was around $10, including shipping, so not a budget-breaker by any means.

Crystal sphere stand

It arrived and it looks great!  (Sorry not sorry!)

Handcarved stand.jpeg


Nothing, mostly because I kind of cheated and bought the crystal pedestal.  Oops.

Total amount I saved that I would have spent this week: $0

Running Total: $1225


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