Weekly Update: Week 11

After several weeks of no sales, this week I sold another item on eBay!  I was beginning to think the remaining items were just not going to sell.  All these weeks I haven’t mentioned eBay sales, my items have been listed but just haven’t sold anything.

I visited this parents this weekend and spent Father’s Day with my Dad.  As usual, I don’t get to visit my parents without my mom giving me some sort of gift.  After arriving on Friday evening, we woke up for breakfast on Saturday morning and my mom came downstairs in a beautiful coral colored dress.  I commented that her dress was pretty and she looked nice.  My mom immediately went upstairs to change into something else so she could offer it to me.  She often does this with friends and family, and buys almost all of her clothes secondhand because she likes being able to do this.

Resistance is often futile with my mom in these situations, so I agreed to try it on, since I didn’t think it would fit me anyway.  Lo and behold, not only did it fit, but it looked amazing.  My mom wouldn’t hear of my not keeping it at this point.  Yes, my mom literally gave me the clothes off her back.  She is amazing and generous like that.  She is truly one of the people whose love language is gift giving and so I accept it as the gesture of love it is intended to be, practicing gratitude.   After that, she took me to her favorite thrift store to shop.  I found an L.L. Bean tank top that seemed to look almost new.

1. Elephant statue.  My mom offered me this elephant statue; knowing about my new-found minimalism (and possibly sensing my initial hesitation as I assessed whether or not I wanted to accept it), she told me I didn’t have to take it if I didn’t want to.  I decided to accept it, as it would go very well with the other animal statues on top of my alarm clock.


2.  Amethyst cluster.  I have often coveted amethyst clusters like this one when going to crystal shops.  They can be very expensive, which is why I haven’t purchased one for myself.  My mom knows about my crystal collection, but didn’t actually know that I wanted an amethyst crystal in particular, so this was a pleasant surprise to me.  I am so excited about this.


3. Tiger eye sphere.  This is also a very beautiful crystal piece.  I’m also excited to add this to my collection once I get a pedestal to put this on.


4. The Pocket Book of Stones.  My mom gifted me this book with the crystals.  I have no idea where my mom got any of this stuff, but it was such a pleasant surprise.



It was Father’s Day this week.  Since the car wash went over so well for his birthday a few months ago, I bought my Dad a Groupon for an oil change.  My parents have a couple of cars, so anything that will help with the cost of maintenance–car washes, oil changes, etc.–will be more useful for them than any trinket.  As a matter of fact, my dad informed me that one of the cars had recently become due for an oil change.

We went out for a late lunch/early dinner with my parents and my brother, and my husband and I decided to pick up the bill.  It didn’t seem right to let Dad pay on Father’s Day.  I love that minimalism allows me the financial freedom to do this for my family.

I also indulged in some fancy hand cream from l’Occitane.  It was on sale, plus Plenti was offering bonus points.  Like foot cream, I also go through lots of hand cream so I took the opportunity to stock up.

Loccitane lotion


  1. Madewell weekender: I came across the Madewell weekender in the sale section of Madwell’s website.  I mentioned before that I was looking at nice weekender/duffel bags for traveling when I noticed while traveling for my friend’s wedding that my nylon duffel was starting to fray where the straps attach.  This nice leather one is what I was envisioning.  It is way too tempting to replace my old bag now.

Madewell Weekender

Total amount I saved that I would have spent this week: $270

Running Total: $1225


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