Losing My Entire Music Library

Last week, after adding new music to my iTunes library (awesome local musicians Kristopher James and Weston Howard whose albums I bought digital downloads of after I saw them live last week) I tried to add that music to my phone by syncing my iTunes library to my phone.  I haven’t added music in quite a long time, so I haven’t needed to sync my phone.  iTunes told me that the items cannot sync, because the original files could not be located.  After calling Apple Support and working with one of their customer service employees, I was told my files were corrupted and there was nothing that could be done about it.  I had over 5,000 songs in my library.  Unfortunately, after making sure I had uploaded all of the CDs, I donated my entire CD collection during my decluttering process.  I was able to re-download digital copies of albums from their original sources, but those are the only files I was able to recover, other than those I get physical copies of.  The only physical copies of CDs I have left are those that I have had autographed over the years.  Autographed books and CDs is one of the things I collect.

I have been trying to look on the bright side.  I probably haven’t even listened to many of the 5,000+ songs in my iTunes library.  I will have to try to rebuild my digital music collection intentionally and gradually from the public library–That’s where I got many of the albums in the first place).  It will be easier to gradually re-download and organize songs as I download them than to organize a collection of over 5,000 songs one-by-one.  I can also make sure to listen to albums as I accumulate them and only keep the ones I like.  Previously, I would just digitally hoard albums I would end up not listening to.  At least most of them I did not pay for in the first place and won’t pay to replace.  I mostly listen to podcasts rather than music anyhow, (the highlight of my vacation to Los Angeles in October is L.A. Podfest) and there are music streaming services for when I want to listen to something, so I’m not sure I’ll actually miss most of the music.  I’m looking at this as a forced opportunity to declutter my digital music hoard.


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