Weekly Update: Week 6


This week was Mother’s Day.   You’ll remember from last week’s update that Groupon had a 20% off sale and I purchased myself a haircut.  I got my mom a manicure-pedicure at the same time to treat her for Mother’s Day.

We went out for sushi with a friend on Friday night and Saturday night, we ordered Chinese food and watched Netflix after cleaning and decluttering.  Typical boring married people stuff.  (I told you last month running around every weekend was very unusual for us…)

Unfortunately, nothing sold on eBay this week, but after such a hot streak the last few weeks, that’s to be expected.


1. Whipping Post Vintage Tote.  I was very tempted when I found this on eBay.  Even though it’s duplicative of my Love 41 Simple Tote (even a handbag addict like myself can admit that I don’t really need more than one large, brown leather tote) I still might have bought it if I wasn’t on my year of buying nothing, telling myself I’d sell the other, then not.  There are pros and cons to each, as demonstrated by this video where these friends compare their bags.  The leather of the Love41 develops a beautiful patina, but the Whipping Post has an interior pocket for keys and/or phone, plus a flat, reinforced bottom to so it can stand easier on its own–features I have come to covet after using my pocketless, soft-bottomed Simple Tote for awhile now.  I use small clutches/wristlets/etc. to keep stuff organized in my tote, so the interior pocket really isn’t that important.


2. Skagen clutch/wristlet.  I almost bought this bag before starting the year of buying nothing when I saw it on sale at Macy’s for $100.  Finding it even more discounted at Nordstrom Rack made this very hard to resist!  I have no shame admitting that, contrary to Cosmo’s advice, I still use (and love!) wristlets.  I generally keep a Lucky Brand wristlet I bought several years ago in my purse which holds the essentials–wallet, phone, keys.  If I have to stop somewhere on the way home or want to go for dinner or drinks after work and don’t want to carry the whole tote, I can just carry the clutch.  However, the area where the wrist strap connects to bag is starting to wear and come undone, but is in otherwise immaculate condition.  I’ve been considering buying this Skagen wristlet to replace it, but have convinced myself to look into getting the Lucky Brand wristlet repaired before replacing it.

File_001 (2)

Total amount I saved that I would have spent this week: $230

Running Total: $624


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