Weekly Update: Week 5

This week saw 3 more eBay sales!  Purging the excess feels good.  Feels even better to get some money while I’m at it.

This week, it finally happened to me.  Every minimalist’s worst nightmare–I needed something I had gotten rid of.  This past weekend was the Kentucky Derby and I had some friends over to watch it and drink mint juleps.  I wanted to put on my Derby hat, a large and outrageously decorated hat I originally made for the Royal Wedding in 2011, but I realized I had gotten rid of it in the recent months of purging.

File_000 (3)File_001 (2)

The 2 other times I’ve worn the hat

It was upsetting for 5 minutes, but I ultimately realized how little I needed it–In the last 6 years I’d only worn it twice.  This would’ve been the 3rd time, but being a large hat, it takes up so much room that it’s really not worth it to keep for the purpose of the occasional garden party/Kentucky Derby party.  After the initial regret, I considered: what am I really missing out on by not having this hat on for the next 5 minutes?  Not really much.  Being afraid of this happening is/was an irrational fear.


The usual trips to the grocery store — I had a craving for tacos before I realized it was Cinco de Mayo week, so obviously, we had to get taco-making supplies and chips & salsa and have our own homemade taco party!  Other than that, we have really been concentrating on not spending money since we spent so much recently on our various trips and weddings.

There are some significant, yet unavoidable things I will have to spend money on very soon.  While we were out of town, the window regulator for the rear driver’s side window of my car broke.  We have the window duct taped it until it can be fixed, but I know because the same malfunction happened in November 2016 with the front driver’s side window that it will cost a few hundred dollars.

If that weren’t enough, it is that time of year again.  My Bar dues ($265) and yoga teacher’s insurance for the year ($125) are both due soon. *sigh*  At least I can afford all this without having to worry too much, since I haven’t been buying all that stuff I’ve been wanting.  It sucks spending all my money on boring stuff.

One thing that is not completely, but still pretty necessary is the Groupon for a haircut I purchased for myself.  Groupon had a 20% off sale for mother’s day and I will definitely need a haircut in the next few months–I try to get a haircut every 4-6 months.


1.  Adrienne Vittadini Duffel Bag.  While traveling recently, I’ve noticed how much wear-and-tear my luggage has been through.  A weekender bag I got second hand 10 years ago ended up getting donated.  My duffel bag from 5 or so years ago is starting to show signs of wear on the part where the shoulder strap connects to the rest of the bag, but is otherwise in passable condition.  When I saw this great-looking duffel bag on Rue La La (I really need to delete the app off my phone) I was extremely tempted.

File_001 (1)

2.  Dave Matthews Band T Shirt.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but Dave Matthews Band has been one of my favorite bands since high school.  I have DMB shot glasses.  No, I will not get rid of them.  When I saw this Cinco de Mayo, $5 t shirt sale, it was more than a little tempting.  I certainly don’t need another t shirt.  I have plenty.

File_000 (1)

3.  Board Game “Bad People.”  Last week visiting friends while out of town for a wedding, we spent the evening playing board games.  When a sponsored post for this game, called “Bad People” came up on my feed, I was intrigued.  This seems like a really fun game and not one of the same games that everyone we know has.  This was added to my Amazon wish list, in hopes that maybe for my birthday or Christmas, I will get it as a gift.


4.  Tea Holder/Wallet.  While traveling, I thought about how I didn’t really have a convenient, compact way to travel with some tea since I don’t drink coffee.  As we have at least one trip planned this year in October, identifying and fulfilling my need for items to make travel more convenient seems like a worthwhile investment.  This is where the tea holder/tea wallet comes in.  I could just as easily use any other bag or container.  I do not need a carrier specific to my tea bags.  I have a large wooden box I keep my tea bags in at home, so this tea wallet would only be used for travel.  It doesn’t really seem necessary.  Yet, I wanted to buy it SO much. Nobody said minimalism was easy.


Total amount I saved that I would have spent this week: $115

Running Total: $394


9 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Week 5

  1. Hello! I couldn’t comment on your About page so I’m commenting here instead.

    “… not be making any consumer purchases for 1 year” made me go “Wow, is that even possible..?”

    I remember watching ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things’ and as much as I was amazed and inspired by the Minimalists, I don’t think it’s a lifestyle I can have. Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your posts on this interesting journey 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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