Weekly Update: Week 4

This week was great for selling stuff – the week started off with an eBay sale of another item I’ve been trying to sell for a long time.  $40 in my pocket.  This time the item was something I was gifted, not something I had previously purchased, so this was pure profit for me.  I decided to go through my closet once again and found some more things I want to list on eBay.  I’ve set aside a few more things, but they probably won’t get listed until next week.  They may or may not sell, but I want to try.

At the end of the week I sold another eBay item–I had bought a round Zagg shield for my watch to protect the face quite a few years ago and had purchased the wrong size.  The shipping and fees to return it were not worth it for the relatively inexpensive item, but I ended up making my money back on the deal by selling it on eBay.  I’d had it listed on-and-off since I bought it, but had never sold it.

In addition to my eBay sales, I sold another item in person that gave me $250, which I was happy to accept.



My car started showing the “low washer fluid light” earlier this week and I finally stopped by the auto part store and bought some, since we’re heading on a trip this weekend.

Friday night I had dinner and went to a movie with a friend–just me and her, without my husband.  It allowed us to relate on a deeper level and have a conversation about all kinds of things.

This weekend was the second wedding we were invited to this month.  This one was not local, but was still in the state, so it cost us gas money, a hotel room, gift and some meals out. (Yes, we gave the couple a physical gift–old habits die hard.  I said I’m not perfect, OK?!?!  It’s my year of buying nothing, not theirs.)

We visited some old friends of mine while we were in my old college town.  We had a great weekend visiting friends, playing board games, and we did an escape room, which was a cool new experience for me.  We finished with time to spare.

HOORAY FOR EXPERIENCES!!!!!!!!!  (Next month, we certainly won’t have so many—this truly was quite an unusual month!)


Probably because I sold a bunch of things and had money burning a hole in my pocket, this was a tough week temptation-wise.  My Satchel & Page briefcase arrived on Friday.  It is the last package I am expecting and the last purchase made before starting the year of buying nothing.  It took quite awhile to arrive, due to the company’s Kickstarter-type purchasing method.


1.  Whipping Post Bifold Wallet. I have also been itching to upgrade my wallet ever since I started looking into high quality leather products.  This wouldn’t usually be such a bad thing, except I purchased a lovely Kate Spade wallet just about a year ago, and it’s certainly is no slouch in the quality department.  It strikes me how a year ago, this wallet was the shiny, new, wonderful thing in my bag and how quickly I got bored with it and want to replace it.  A sure sign that things will never be the key to our happiness.


2. Brooks Brothers blouses.  I made the mistake of checking Rue La La and they were having a sale on Brooks Brothers.  I’ve been looking for a white collared shirt, to be honest, as the one I have is one I bought in college and is probably a good 8 years old at this point.  I also saw this really nice pink one.  I can wait until the end of the year to replace the white collared shirt, though.

3.  Victoria’s Secret stuff.  To add insult to injury, the same day when I checked the mail, there was a mailer from Victoria’s Secret with multiple coupons.  Stacking these coupons can yield some really great deals and the triple points will help me keep my Angel Forever status!  This is a tough one.  I have always gone to Victoria’s Secret when I would get coupons like this and it is so strange not to go.  That’s part of how I got the Forever status.  Surely, getting a good deal on underwear and other clothing items is worth it, right?  At least that’s what I used to tell myself.  (Also how I ended up with SO MUCH excess underwear and workout/loungewear).


Total amount I saved that I would have spent this week: $140 (not including anything I would have purchased had I gone to Victoria’s Secret)

Running Total: $279


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